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Engineering for

Sustainable product development

Innovation services for clients developing green tec products and business models. We support you in creating new product efficiency in all phases of the product life cycle. This includes evaluation of ideas in your conception phase and bringing your ideas into the system design. The sustainable aim is the investigation of the value hill stages.

In addition to providing support in product development, we are also involved in the conception of models to strengthen the consumer awareness of end customers. Together with you, we develop the indicators for the new evaluation of your product.

Due to the circular business and strategy economy, we focus our services on circular engineering within all value stages:




Water management models

We are specialists for

  • Support in choosing the optimal hardware platform
  • Sustainable consideration of the design
  • Concept phase
  • Support in specification development
  • Project management
  • Hardware and software development
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance of the product
  • Optimisation of existing processes
  • New business models around the product

Our Team

A team of experienced experts from the fields of hardware and software development, environmental and water resources engineering, project management, marketing and sales within B2B business.

We place special focus on products and business models for the sustainability of our technology and economy. Our great respect is for nature – animals, soil, plants and food.

Expert knowledge in the following areas



32 and 64 bit micro controller of various semiconductor manufacturers

Arm Cortex-A8, -A9, -A15, -A35 and -A53

ARM Cortex M0 + / M0 / M3 / M4 / M7



Embedded Linux

Embedded Windows



Water Pollution Research


Water Manage­ment Models

Urban habitat conditions

Freshwater ecosystem

Anthropogenic stress factors for water bodies

Food production

Your Gain

Shortening the development time

Acceleration of implementation through targeted evaluation, implementation and documentation

Rapid readiness for series production

Gaining a competitive advantage and additional market share

New business orientation

Through the sustainable orientation of the applications, you contribute to the protection of natural resources

Innovative & Smart

You upgrade your series product by integrating gateways, controls, sensors or data evaluation

Increasing sustainability

Optimal product design, predictive maintenance and production optimization offer a change in strategy with very high potential

Sustainability FAQ

“Paths are made by walking” by Franz Kafka

naress tec is technically driven. In view of the disastrous state of the environment, a holistic view of our life on this planet is necessary. We are all challenged – regardless of the sector or industry.

Irreversible point of time. From then on, the measures to save the environment are in vain. We are on the verge.

  • Global warming and thus methane emissions from thawing permafrost and melting ice
  • forest damage
  • Destruction of biodiversity
  • Monoculture of agriculture
  • Excessive greenhouse gases
  • World’s undisposed plastic waste
  • Perceive the natural resources
  • Use natural resources sparingly
  • Buy regional food
  • Question consumption
  • Rail instead of air
  • Bike instead of car
  • Avoid waste and separate it correctly
  • Save electricity

Talking about the speed limits, there are many, many pros & cons, gains & pains. The difference between opinions differs from stakeholder to stakeholder. Some think that the problem will go away with e-cars. But WHEN will the time come when all vehicles are driving in E-mode? What solution is needed until then?

What we know: speed limit helps to

  • Minimize greenhouse gases
  • Minimize air pollution (Fine dust concentration)
  • Minimize noise
  • Minimize serious accidents

Driving 30 km/h in the city or driving 130 or less km/h on the motorway – nobody would suffer from driving slower.

We are not in the position to choose. Our environment suffers and the next generations will suffer too, if we fail even on such simple considerations.

If you like, we will always give you tips for your own water management. Simply subscribe to our newsletter.


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