Naress Tec

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We develop products that minimise water consumption wherever water is needed and used

The efficiency of water consumption and water saving must be considered holistically in all areas of our lives. Both in industry, agriculture or in the city.

Following measures lead to efficiency of water consumption:

Smart Technology
Raising awareness in water management
Reducing consumption of food and products
Water Monitoring

Water also poses a physical risk through droughts, floods, storms and sea level rise.  In our development, we address the acute and chronic risks posed by water.

Lack of awareness leads to incorrect risk assessment, incorrect evaluation and incorrect basis for decision-making. Only by identifying the risks can they be assessed. Our models help to assess risks and create preventive measures.

Our Services

  • Development of devices, methods, systems for water analysis and water protection
  • Measurement of hydropower potential
  • Analysis of pollutants in water and soil
  • Assessment of potential environmental damage and risks
  • Design of new solutions for water use
  • Development of concepts for environmentally friendly production in agriculture
  • Collection, monitoring and assessment of water-related data
  • Water resources management
  • Urban water management
  • Flood protection measures
  • Water monitoring systems
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange

Work with naress tec

The Corona crisis has shown that we are thinking more about the meaning of our work in relation to our lives. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are an integral part of naress tec’s corporate values. We are convinced that through ESG Performance we are pursuing three important goals:

  • Environmental and resource protection, biodiversity
  • Working conditions, work-life balance
  • Product Responsibility, Risk Management and Reputation, Partnership