Naress Tec

Phone: +49 6136 76 05 840 | Mobile: +49 170 4535 387

Services at a glance

  • PCB Design
  • System Integration
  • Circuit diagram creation
  • Sensor integration
  • Support with EMC tests and EMC certification procedures
  • Creation of documentation
  • Desktop and server platforms based on Windows (C/C ++, C#, Python) and Linux (C / C ++, Python, Web API)
  • Embedded Linux Development
  • Wireless communication
  • Low-power solutions
  • Device Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Hardware at a glance


Analogue and digital I/O devices, temperature, humidity, pressure

Camera systems

Object recognition, position detection


Display adjustment, touch, multitouch screens, apps

Housing construction

Software at a glance

C/C++ programming
Driver programming
Firmware optimisation
Linux / software development
Voice Assistance
System development
Voice Assistance
System development

What does naress tec mean?

naress is made up of the words Natural Resources Sustainability and describes our goal of developing solutions and products that protect the earth’s natural resources. We focus in particular on water as a resource. 

tec describes our technological experience that we use in the process. We combine this experience with research into new concepts of resource protection. We regard technology as a measure for the protection of nature.