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Business Models

Circular business strategies in hardware and software development

The concept of sustainable technology can be predicted as a technology which can solve the most important needs of humans without affecting the environement. Science and industry work on new solutions for:

  • Water Management
  • Smart and Urban City
  • Agriculture water demand
  • Efficient use of natural resources
  • Bio fuels
  • Bio plastic
  • Nano Technology
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy
modernen Glasfassden von Verwaltungsgebäuden

Building up Circular Economy, we have to talk about new operations and skills to be supported by new requirements

  • IT and digital systems
  • Processes to support Circular Economy
  • Regeneration of ecosystems
  • Circular Design for a long use
  • Circular Design for a second life
  • Product and material flows along the product life cycle
  • Renewable materials
  • Emissions to air, water and soil of the products
  • Greenhouse gas emissions of the products
  • Hazardous substances included in the products
  • Recirculation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy flows
  • Reniewable energy input
  • Generation of positive impact on the environment and society

Production and consumption

In order for the younger generations to live in a climate-friendly way, we need a new definition of our way of life and thus of our consumption. The circular economy is a big step in the sustainable direction of the necessary overall concept.

naress tec develops sustainable solutions and concepts for the circular economy. In doing so, we deal with the savings potential in design, procurement, production and recycling. CO2 emission or binding of CO2 in the soil is another part of our own models for regional trading of CO2 certificates.