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Our clients’ goal is to use their water resources in a responsible and sustainable way and to protect the future integrity of these resources.

This goal will become increasingly difficult to achieve in the near future, as increasing urban development and water demand, potentially threaten and stress water resources.

We develop IT and biochemical based products and solutions for urban, agricultural and industrial water management.

Our areas

Cities and municipalities

“Blue and green city of the future” – what precautionary measures are necessary to manage water in the city in a targeted manner?

Cooling down cities during hot spells is just as much a part of this as water management during extreme weather events. Soil sealing is an immense heat factor for urban temperature development. Compared to a green area, a car park, for example, reaches temperatures that are ten degrees Celsius higher. The water does not seep into the ground, but flows to the surface. Sealing brings small-scale flooding and heat.

We support clients from the public and private sector, who are involved in urban development and planning. Our expertise focuses on predicting the environmental impacts of urbanisation projects and helps our clients minimise environmental impacts.

Our services include:

  • Urban water balance models
  • Groundwater protection
  • Green space creation and monitoring
  • Protection of mature trees
  • Environmental impacts related to urban planning
  • Wind Climate
  • Pollution reduction planning
  • De-asphalting

Food Industry

For the food producing and processing industry, water is the main component of the production chain. Not only the production of food requires a lot of water. The cleaning and processing of food is also water-intensive.

The virtual water is not present for the consumers although the water consumption in the production of food is much higher than we assume.

We support your company with IT-based solutions to adapt existing production methods and to achieve the goals of:

  • Efficiency of water use
  • Avoidance of water waste
  • Avoidance of water loss


With your agricultural cultivation, you are exposed to periods of drought and extreme weather events. Crop failure is the result and the soil becomes a problem zone.

Franklyn Roosevelt said: “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”.

Together with you, we develop models for soil regeneration. Solutions against soil erosion are an important component of this. With our IT solutions, we help you to collect and evaluate the data.


Are you planning to optimise your water balance in the building and outside?

We advise you in the planning phase of the property and for existing properties on the saving and reuse of water in your property.

Water reuse models offer several advantages at once:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased independence from public supply
  • Monitoring of water use
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Precaution against droughts and extreme weather events