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About us

Our focus is development of products and business models around water. We are comitted to excellence and providing high quality, comprehensive and efficient services. Our effective communication skills enable us to provide our clients with a high level of responsiveness and flexibility.

Industries we serve: naress tec works with ambitious clients in a broad range of industries, using deep knowledge and a collaborative approach to create and deliver innovative products and solutions across them all.

Water use
Groundwater Protection
Soil Protection

Our work is responsible and forward-looking. It makes sense and gives a good feeling.

Our ESG values


Environment and Sustainability


Social action


Sustainable corporate governance

Our orientation

We are guided by the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. With our products and business models, we are increasingly pursuing the following SDG goals:

Zero Hunger

Clean Water and Sanitation

modernen Glasfassden von Verwaltungsgebäuden

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Responsible Consumption and Production



Partnership and networking allows us to offer you additional services as a total solution to you

Artificial Intelligence
QNX & Android Software Development
Voice Assistance
Environmental Research


We are women and men, mothers and fathers, representing several generations with our age. Some of us have little, some of us have a lot of experience in life and in our jobs. The goal of our work is ambitious, for us and for future generations. We have respect for nature, for the animals out there, for our soil and for the food we buy.

If, besides your profession, you are considerate, honest and straightforward, if you are looking for a perspective, you are warmly welcome in our team.

We are hiring. The job descriptions will be published at short notice. Send your proactive application to